Kiyoshi No Zundoko Bushi

Kiyoshi No Zundoko Bushi

Product Description

The young new king of 'enka'. The term 'enka' came into use from around the early 1970s. It was a slow type of kayokyoku or Japanese popular tune, but heavily influenced by Japanese elements. Enka is sometimes called 'the Heart of Japan', it's sentimental lyrics concentrate on themes such as the separation of lovers, memories, despair and hope. Singers still usually wear kimono, it's most characteristic vocal style being the warbling crescendo at the end of sentences. Enka is still an extremely popular form of music today, the only national music to rival Japanese pop in the sales charts. It is often sung at karaoke, and although it's listeners are mainly from the older generation, recently some young singers have attracted a younger audience too. The foremost of these is Kiyoshi Hikawa who had a massive hit single and album in 2002 with this album.