Kim Duk-Soo Samulnori - The Definitive Edition (2 CDs)

Kim Duk-Soo Samulnori - The Definitive Edition (2 CDs)

Product Description

Samulnori is both the name of traditional perucssion music ('samul' means 'four things' and 'nori' means 'to play') and a world famous percussion quartet comprised of buk (barrel drum), janggu (hourglass-shaped drum), jing (gong), and kkwaenggwari (small gong). The rhythmic patterns are derived from pungmulgut (folk and religious music) or nongak (farmers' band music) which are performed outdoors with acrobatic and dance movements. The principle of samulnori is the alternation of tension and relaxation. While improvising rhythms based on several rhythmic patterns, the performers seek to achieve a perfect integration of the four percussion instruments. Samulnori was founded in 1978 by Kim Duk-Soo. There were four specific purposes in forming the group: to research more extensively the traditional music of Korea, to study the music and instruments (especially percussion instruments) of other traditions throughout the world, to create new music, and to provide educational opportunities for students and others to learn Korean percussion. He has since traveled around the world performing on more than 5000 stages under the name of Samulnori. This CD is deemed as the 'definitive' best of CD by one of Korea's foremost cultural ambassadors.
1. Samdo Sul-Janggu-Garak (25:31) 2. Honam Udo Pungmulguk-Garak (21:15) 3. Honam Jwado Pungmulguk-Garak (17:25)
1. Samdo Nongak-Garak (26:03) 2. Youngnam Pungmulguk-Garak (14:55) 3. Ootdari Pungmulguk-Garak (24:26)