Kaze Machi Roman (Vinyl LP) (Limited Edition)

Kaze Machi Roman (Vinyl LP) (Limited Edition)

Product Description

Second album from Happy End released on URC Records in November 1971. Another seminal release, and often cited as one of the greatest Japanese rock albums on various magazine lists such as Rolling Stone Japan and Bounce (Tower Records). Many of the tracks have been covered by musicians in Japan and around the world and Kaze wo Atsumete featured in the film Lost in Translation. From half speed cutting master, Metropolis Studio London, at JVC Mastering Centre. Gatefold sleeve, Lyrics enclosed.

SIDE A - Wind
1. Dakishimetai 2. Sorairo no Crayon 3. Kaze wo Atsumete 4. Kurayamizaka Musasabi Henge 5. Haikara Hakuchi 6. Haikara Beautiful
SIDE B - City
1. Natsu Nandesu 2. Hana Ichi Monme 3. Ahita Tenki no Naare 4. Typhoon 5.Haru Ranman 6. Aiueo

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