Kawachi Ondo Teppo Bushi

Kawachi Ondo Teppo Bushi

Product Description

Kawachi Ondo is one of Japan's most impressive festivals. Kawachi is a southeastern area of Osaka, and Kawachi Ondo was originally sung during the summer bon odori when anscestors are said to return from the world of the dead. The lyrics describe current events and it has been sung since the Edo period. Kawachi Ondo has developed over the years and still young people today enjoy the fast and groovy rhythms. Teppo Miysumaru is a veteran singer of Kawachi Ondo. During the 1960s he appeared in numerous TV commercials and released a string of LPs. He is now chairman of the Kawachi Ondo Association and this wonderful CD is his comeback album. Traditional Kawachi Ondo tends to be based around a few basic melodies and structures and the songs develop in set paterns and last up to 30 minutes or so. Aside to the distinctive vocals are shamisen, taiko drums, electric guitar and hayashi backing vocals. Two tracks : 1.Sakazaki Dewamori Homare no Maki 2.Sakazaki Dewamori Hiren no Maki.