Kanze-ryu Noh - Momijigari (Maple Viewing)

Kanze-ryu Noh - Momijigari (Maple Viewing)

Product Description

Momijigari is centred around the dangers of drink-induced lust and deceit. On Mt. Togakushi lives a witch disguised as a beautiful woman. She and attendants enter the stage and set up a picnic site to view maple and drink sake.Taira no Koremochi who is on a hunt with some retainers them in the distance and sends an attendant to ask who they are. He returns saying they are a group of ladies and their mistress, who appear of noble birth. The good natured Koremochi decides it is rude to pass by and goes to greet them. The woman asks him to stay and share some sake. He drinks the sake and falls under the woman's /demon's spell and falls asleep. The woman dances close to him and tries not to wake him. The god of Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine on Otokoyama, sends a messenger to him in his dreams, warning him the woman is really the demon of Mount Togakushi and that he must slay her with the sword given to him by the God. Koremochi wakes and finds the sword. He fights the demon eventually overcoming and slaying the demon. Perfomed under candlelight in the traditional way. Region code 2, NTSC with Japanese subtitles.