Bell Symphony- Iyashi no Hibiki -Shizenon to Wahensho

Bell Symphony- Iyashi no Hibiki -Shizenon to Wahensho

Product Description

A musician called Yukine, has created a new kind of bell instrument called Wahensho, based on the ancient Chinese instrument Hensho, which dates back 2,400 years. Orin, a kind of Buddhist altar fitting, is hung upside down on a frame and struck with a mallet to make a sound. After striking the bell, the sound reverberates in a unique way. The wahensho is combined with natural sounds such as birdsong, rippling waves, and the sound of the wind. Japanese traditional tunes reverberate in a new way, combining the sound of harmony bells and nature.

1. Sakura Sakura
2. Mizu No Minamoto
3. Manyou No Umi
4. Hotaru Koi
5. Fuji No Takane Ni
6. Ikutsumo No Deai Ni Hagukumarete
7. Tokitsumoriyuku
8. Koujou No Tsuki
9. Haru To Shura
10. Hibiki No Naka De Nemurinasai
11. Hoshi No Sasayaki