Kanadehon Chushingura (Nanadanme)

Kanadehon Chushingura (Nanadanme)

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Performed in 1977, 106 mins. Comes with both Japanese and English commentaries, subtitles and notes. Region Code : All, NTSC. Act VII. Gion Ichirikijaya (The Ichiriki Teahouse at Gion) This is the longest and one of the most famous kabuki acts. It gives a taste of the bustling atmosphere of the Gion pleasure quarter in Kyoto. Yuranosuke pretends to fall into a life of debauchery at the same tea house as Okaru has been bound. He is forced to accept food on the anniversary of their lord's death, and his sword is found to be rusty, giving the impression he has no thoughts of revenge. When he thinks he is alone, Yuranosuke reads a secret letter scroll about preparations for the vendetta. Okaru comes out to cool herself in the evening breeze and also reads the letter reflected in a mirror. Kudayu, standing under the verandah reads the scroll too as it is unrolled. Yuranosuke realizes he has to kill them both to silence them. Okura's brother Heimon enters and realizing Yuranosuke intends to kill her, persuades her to let him kill her instead, saving their family honour. Yuranosuke stops them, and gives Okura a sword and guides her hand through the floor boards to kill Kudayu.