Kan Tan

Kan Tan

Product Description

With English liner notes and chapter titles, performed in January 2006 in Sapporo, Hokkaido under candlelight. The DVD includes an interview with Yoshimasa Kanze, the actor of the main character, who explains the text (in Japanese only) and costumes. There are interviews with other actors and musicians. Japanese subtitles, Hi-vision. The beautiful play Kan Tan is set in the village of Kanton in China where an innkeeper has been given a magic pillow by a monk. Whenever somebody sleeps on the pillow they awake to the truth after dreaming of the past and future. A man named Rosei arrives in search of a sage from whiom he wants to learn about enlightenment. Rosei sleeps using the pillow, afterwhich an imperial envoy arrives with a message that Rosei has been given the throne of the kingdom of So. He sits in the jewelled palanquin and is taken away towards his new life. He drinks the exilir of youth from a precious goblet during which a dancer performs the most exquisite 'dream dance' with lyrics describing the land's prosperity. He awakes to find it has all been a dream, but has found spiritual enlightenment. Region code 2, NTSC