Jazz Box 1967-1986 (10 CDs plus bonus CD)

Jazz Box 1967-1986 (10 CDs plus bonus CD)

Product Description

Limited ediition 10 CD box set of shakuhachi maestro Hozan Yamamoto's extraordinary jazz output. A Living National Treasure, born in 1937, Yamamoto, head of the Hozan-kai school, caused a sensation when he made these albums. The ten jazz albums in this box set were released between 1967-1986 and include some live recordings such as 'Hakone Hachiri' 'Midare' and 'So Tired' from the 1967 Newport Jazz Festival. Comes with a booklet that includes his interviews, comments from jazz criticcs and a detailed biography.
The ten albums are ;
Shakuhachi and Bossa Nova (Bossa Nova Japanese Minyo Collection) (original release 1968)
Standard Numbers / Harlem Noctern by Shakuhachi (1969)
Shakuhachi : Easy Listening (1969)
Beautiful Bamboo Flute (1971)
Komoro Magouta (1974)
Hozan, Freezen + 1 (1980)
The Shakuhachi (1981)
Breath (1984) plus three live recordings from "Newport's Sharps and Flats" (1967) and one live recording from "All Japan Jazz Festival '68" (1968) )
Again and Again (1985)
Silky Adventure (1986)