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Region Code 2, NTSC. Performed by Hisao Kanze (1925-1978) one of the great masters on the noh scene along with the National Treasures Kan Housho (Waki) , Shizuo Kanze (Jiutai) and Daigoro Fujita (Fue). Originallly broadcast in 1977. Izutsu (The Well Cradle) is one of the greatest noh plays. Belonging to the third category of noh (katsura mon - wig pieces) it was written by Zeami. The play is based on episode 23 of the Ise Monogatari, the 10th century classic. A travelling priest stumbles upon the Ariwara temple, where the court poet Narihira lived with his wife. The priest prays for the couple when he notices a woman placing an offering at the nearby grave. They speak to eachother and the woman confesses that Narihira still holds a place in her heart. She tells of how Narihira had an affair with a woman from far away. Once, when he had just left his wife, she sang a song wishing for his safe journey. When he heard this song, Narihira decided never to leave again. The woman described another story to do with a boy and girl who lived next door to eachother. The woman telling these stories to the priest is in fact the lady herself, and as soon as she reveals her identity she disappears. The priest tells these stories to a villager who comes by, who asks the priest to chant a sutra. The woman of the story reappears wearing the hat and robe of Narihira. She dances, pining for her husband. She glances at the moon's reflection in the water in a well. She wants to see his reflection but can see only her own. The temple bell rings and the image fades.