Island Catch

Island Catch

Product Description

Superb album from Fade to Blue, a project of Taiwanese pipa player Chung Yufeng and American guitarist, roots and folk singer/songwriter David Chen. Their sound encompasses American blues, bluegrass, Taiwanese opera and other types of Asian roots and traditional music. Island Catch is a collection of songs mostly tied to themes and narratives of the Chinese diaspora, island culture and other traditional Asian folklore. A mix of instrumentals and vocal-based songs, most are original compositions, but draw from the elements of traditional of Taiwan, Okinawa, and Indonesia, as well as early American folk. David sings and plays both resonator and 12-string guitars, while Yufeng performs on the pipa (a four-string lute), Sanxuan (a 3-string banjo-like instrument), and the banjo. The album features guest appearances by Taiwanese artists, including pop singer Wan Fang, singer-songwriter Wang Yujun, Gezaixi (Taiwanese opera) multi-instrumentalist Chin Kuo-hsiang, and jazz pianist Tseng Tseng-yi.
1. Fade to Jianghu
2. Island Song
3. Sojourner’s Blues
4. Angling the Pacific
5. Shine Like the Moon
6. Lost Mouse
7. Vals de los chinos
8. Bai Jia Chun (Spring in Every Corner)
9. Seasons of Love
10. Wave O’er Yonder
11. Close Encounter
12. The Missionary and the Bell
13. Orphan Soldier
14. Offshore