Irama Jazz (CD-R)

Irama Jazz (CD-R)

Product Description

Fantastic album of Indonesian jazz compiled from old 78s released in the 1950s and 60s by various jazz groups all led by Nick Mamahit; Irama Trio, Irama Special trio and Irama Quartet. Nick Mamahit is known as the pioneer of Indonesian jazz and the pianist / leader of Irama Trio. Born in 1923 in Jakarta he studied music in Holland during the 1940s. He formed Irama Trio with Dick Abel (guitar) and Van Der Capellen (bass) after he came back from Holland. He started to record for Irama Records from the early 1950s and the trio used to describe their music as 'Progressive Jazz'. Mamahit decided to end the trio and then formed Irama Special Trio with Jim Espehana (bass) and B. Risokotta (drums). In the early 1960s they released their first album Sarinande, on which they arranged various Indonesian folk songs into lounge jazz. In 1973 they went to Japan with Broery Marantika, a star singer of the time and performed at the International Music Festival held at the Budokan in Tokyo. Later Mamahit became a pianist for the Mandarin Hotel in Jakarta and died aged 80 in 2004. Comes as CD-R in printed single paper envelope.

1. Harapan Pusaka - Ratna (Irama Quartet)
2. Tjelana Jankee - Ati & Didi (Orkes Henny Galot)
3. Dupa Kentjana - Bing Slamet (Irama Trio)
4. Sabda Alam - Theresa (Orkes Lima Serama)
5. Kampung Nan Djauh Dimata -Didi (Irama Special Trio)
6. Hela Rottan - Ati (Orkes Henry Gatot)
7. Alunan Laguku - Bing Slamet (Orkes Puspa Kentjana)
8. Rindu - Ratna (Irama Trio)
9. Kopral Djono - Nien (Irama Quartet)
10. Suasana Malam - Sam Saimun (Irama Trio)
11. Bintang Malam - Nina Kirana (Orkes Lima Serama)
12. Angin Barat - Hrijati (Irama Trio)
13. Impian Semalam - Ratna & Adi (Irama Special Trio)
14. Taman Asmara - Bing Slamet (Irama Trio)
15. Hari Minggu - Nien (Irama Special Trio)
16. Ajo Mama - Ratna (Irama Quartet)
17. Antri - Noeri Satrijo (Orkes Tampa Nama)
18. Letnan Hardi - Nien (Orkes Melati)
19. Tidurlah Intan - Herjati (Irama Trio)
20. Malam Purnama - Reen (Irama Special Trio)
21. Rankaian Lagu Anak - Bing Selamet & Herijati (Irama Trio)
22. Ole-Ole Bandung - Bing Selamat (Irama Trio)
23. Pertama Bunda - Ratna (Irama Quartet)