Imakoso - Now's The Time to Change

Imakoso - Now's The Time to Change

Product Description

Pak Poe is a Korean/Japanese singer/songwriter who has been singing and writing songs for decades, mostly living in Japan. He was once a member of the brilliant and underated Tokyo Bibimbap Club. Combining guitar, powerful vocals and Korean traditional instruments, he's never been afraid to tackle controversial issues in a country thats' musicians usually steer way clear of. This new album is up to his usual high standard. Mix of acoustic studio recordings and live rock band style. Listen to sound samples. Guest musicians are Maiko Isobe (violin), Junji Hirose (sax), Haa Yong Su (chango, kengari, nanrari)
1. Ima koso Nagare o Kaeru Toki 2. Yambaru no Kaze 3. SOS 4. Hana Sakashoura Yume Sakashoura 5. Mangekyo 6.Naniyue ni Hito wa 7. Piga Onda - Tegu no Asa 8. Redemption Song 9. Hibakusha