Hula Dub

Hula Dub

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Sandii has long since wanted to record with UK reggae/dub master Dennis Bovell. Thirty seven years to be exact, after they met in London in 1980. It seems to have been worth the wait, as joining Sandii are ex-Sunsetz members Hideo Inoura and Keni Inoue, as well as over twenty musicians who have contributed to the Japanese dub and reggae scene since the 1980s. Musicians include Masahiko Kitahara (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) Kazufumi Kodama (Dub Station) KonKen, Rankin Taxi and Little Tempo.
1. Yorokobi no Uta 2. Moonlight Hula - Kawika 3. Row Row Row 4. Love Song of Kalua 5. Island of Love 6. Worry Beads 7. Star Crossed Love 8. Walk Away 9. Fire 10. Ring the Living Bell 11. Nami 12. Keep on Coming 13. Pua Lililehua 14. Nowhere to Hide 15. Hula Interlude 16. Hula Dub