Huang Look - Collectibles Records Vol. 90

Huang Look - Collectibles Records Vol. 90

Product Description

Part of the excellent Collectibles series, original vinyl records, repackaged in carboard slip case CDs with black vinyl style design on CD with original artwork as cover and record label on CD. Beautifully presented and mastered. Waiphot Phetsuphan is one of the Thailand's greatest singers, designated a 'National Artist' Born in 1942 he is of Laotian descent and was popular through the 1960s to 1980s in particular.

1. Hwang Luk 2. Pi Hna Taeng Nae 3. Hmaks Boran 4. Ba Yaks 5. Maeyay Ca 6. Sin Mae Phaetaek 7. Neuxkhu Xyu Hin 8. Rup Hiks Kiks Meiy 9. Peid Ci Wjphch 10. Masya Hing Heyoks 11. Klaw Phi 12. Phaoks Meiy 13. Khawwhim Plaman 14. Phi Yang Khexy 15. Khin Kra 16. Say Pel