Hotel Morocco

Hotel Morocco

Product Description

After trips to Vietnam and Bangkok, Makoto Kubota and Blue Asia stop over in Morocco. In June 2005 Kubota went to the Festival D'Essaouria Gnaoua. There he met musicians who would record this album in November the same year; Maghrebs from Essaouria, Berbers from Agadir and Arabic musicians from Casablanca. These include a young maalem (master musician) Youssef Gnawa and one of the founders of the festival and musician Abdeslam Alikkane who both sing and play the gemburi (3 stringed percussive long necked lute). They are joined by musicians on qarqab (large metal castanets) and rubab (bowed lute). One of Kubota's main interests in recent years has been the music of Nordeste, Recife, Brazil, and in typical Kubota fashion, he combines the sounds of Morocco and Northeast Brazil in a completely new mix. The Brazilian guests include vocalist Erasto Vasconcelos on the opening track Mil Tambores while the dub version of the song features pandeiro and other Brazilian percussion by players featured on an album by Belgium's Think of One. Elsewhere are hypnotic sounding Moroccan trance tunes with atmospheric layers of keyboards, beats and samples from Makoto and the other Blue Asians.

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