Hotel Bangkok

Hotel Bangkok

Product Description

Makoto Kubota and Blue Asia have produced another extraordinary album, this time centering on the music of Thailand. Many of the tracks have some morlam (northeasten) roots, with the chuggish, almost reggae like rhythms. There's plenty of phin (lute) khaen (mouth organ) and both male and female morlam singing. Blue Asia add keyboards and rhythm programming, but unlike the glossy or cheesy synths that blight some Thai albums, this backing is always sophicticated, cool, original and tasteful. Elsewhere some of the tracks have a more pan-Asian feel, with echoes of past recording locations of Vietnam or Bali. There are some great female singers; the fairly pop but definitely Thai, Apple. Lady Nan is more of a lukthung (Thai country) singer, while Chawiwan Damhuen is one of the greatest tradiitional morlam singers.Kubota has great fun with Dub Kornkaen, his dub production of morlam making perfect sense.Serves as a great album in its own right but also as a good introduction to the wonderful roots music of Thailand.