Holoholo Slack Key

Holoholo Slack Key

Product Description

Holoholo Slack Key is the third duet album released by Ray Kane and and his favorite disciple Yuki 'Alani' Yamauchi. As on their previous album, 'Maika'i no Blues', once again the earthy voice of Ray Kane is brought to the fore, although he also plays guitar on several tracks. According to Ray Kane, Yuki plays the slack key in a style closest to his own, perhaps explaining the totally natural feel and spirit of their recordings together. In addition, Yuki plays steel guitar and ukulele. Most of the songs are classic traditional songs of Hawaiian music, many adapted to the slack key guitar. Ray sometimes sings in a quite humorous style, sometimes with a feeling evoking the blues, but all songs have his own character indelibly stamped upon them. Some of the highlights include such songs as "Wai Ulu", also recorded by the "Sons of Hawaii" and their original version of the Lena Machado song "None Hula". Many songs will be known to lovers of traditional Hawaiian music such as "Latitu. Others are Ray's personal favorites such as 'I Ka Po Me Ke Ao" and "Wai O Ke Aniani". Beautifully recorded, this album will appeal to lovers of slack key guitar music, Hawaiian traditional songs or guitar music fans. Perhaps it's the timeless appeal and character of Uncle Ray's voice that has the widest appeal. During times when contemporary Hawaiian music is losing some it's own Hawaiian character, Ray Kane and Yuki Yamauchi have served up a concoction brimming with the spirit and feeling of Hawaii.