Heta Jazz! Showa Senzen Ichiki Band 1929-1940

Heta Jazz! Showa Senzen Ichiki Band 1929-1940

Product Description

Fascinating collection of music from a period of great change in the Japanese music market. With the growing popularity of radio, and joint ventures between Japanese and US record companies. hybrid forms of popular music emerged. A rise in pentatonicism of Japanese popular music gave way to a number of hits, and cover versions of American songs with pentatonicism, and orchestrated sounds such as the opening and closing tracks on this album. Listen to the first track, Sing me a Song of Araby.

1. Sing me a Song of Araby / Itoi Mitsuya Kokka Jazz Band 2. Tell Me / Heuripin Jazz Band 3. Yes Sir, That's my Baby / Shin Matsumoto Estal Molly Jazz Band 4. Falling in Love Again / Inoue Takako Alha Berwyn Dance Orchestra 5. Song of the Vagabonds / Yutaka Amemiya SR Jazz Band 6. With My Guitar and You) / Ishiko Niko Actors Jazz Band 7. Ukulele Baby / Ted Maki Wiiliam Fujimura Band 8. Ai no Sa Yaki / Tado Taro KOK Music Orchestra 9. Shanghai Lil / Eugenie Miyashita Etoile Jazz Band 10. Sigh and Cry Blues / Sam Kato Dance Ensemble 11. Bugle Call Rag / Center Dance Orchestra 12. Put on Your old Gray Bonnet / Center Dance Orchestra 13. St. Louis Blues / Nagatsu Dance Ensemble 14. Dinah / Cherryland Dance Orchestra 15. Rags & Patches / Cherryland Dance Orchestra 16. Fiesta / Cherryland Dance Orchestra 17. Lady of Spain / Cherryland Dance Orchestra 18. La Cucaracha / Helen Hirose Coca Dance Orchestra 19. The Peanuts Vendor / Fukuo Tanaka Rhythm Voice Flap Orchestra 20. Carioca / Nobuko Tanida Conductor : Masanori Kimura Hosei University Mandolin Orchestra 21. The Campbells Are Swinging / Keio B.R.B. Light Musicians 22. Abba Dabba / Keio B.R.B. Light Musicians 23. My Blue Heaven / Hatushiro Otsuga Standard Jazz Band