Heta Jazz! Showa Senzen Ichiki Band 1929-1940 (LP Vinyl)

Heta Jazz! Showa Senzen Ichiki Band 1929-1940 (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Fascinating collection of music from a period of great change in the Japanese music market. With the growing popularity of radio, and joint ventures between Japanese and US record companies. hybrid forms of popular music emerged. A rise in pentatonicism of Japanese popular music gave way to a number of hits, and cover versions of American songs with pentatonicism, and orchestrated sounds.

Side A
1. My Blue Heaven / Hatushiro Otsuga Standard Jazz Band
2. Sing me a Song of Araby / Itoi Mitsuya Kokka Jazz Band
3. Tell Me / Heuripin Jazz Band
4. Falling in Love Again / Inoue Takako Alha Berwyn Dance Orchestra
5. Song of the Vagabonds / Yutaka Amemiya SR Jazz Band
6. With My Guitar and You) / Ishiko Niko Actors Jazz Band
7. Shanghai Lil / Eugenie Miyashita Etoile Jazz Band

Side B
1. Yes Sir, That's my Baby / Shin Matsumoto Estal Molly Jazz Band
2. Sigh and Cry Blues / Sam Kato Dance Ensemble
3. Bugle Call Rag / Center Dance Orchestra
4. St. Louis Blues / Nagatsu Dance Ensemble
5. Dinah / Cherryland Dance Orchestra
6. Fiesta / Cherryland Dance Orchestra
7. Lady of Spain / Cherryland Dance Orchestra