Hattori - Jazz and Jive

Hattori - Jazz and Jive

Product Description

2007 marks the 100 year anniversary since the birth of Ryoichi Hattori, one of the Japan's most important composers and figures of popular music. Post World War II, a battle in music was taking place between native Japanese and American elements, and Hattori helped the US cause, combining American with native elements on his hit single Tokyo Boogie-Woogie recorded by Shizuko Kasagi, or grinding out the boogie rhythm on the shamisen on his Shamisen Boogie. The impact of Hattori's genius on the shape of popular music in Japan cannot be overestimated and this excellent compilation features some of his greatest tunes, performed by several of the singers and musicians that benefitted. Compiled by ex- Pizzato Five leader Yasuharu Konishi. Full track listing. 1. Ryusengata Jazz / MICHIO SHIMURA 2. Oshare Musume / NORIKO AWAYA COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM SISTERS 3. Kusatsu Jazz / COLUMBIA JAZZ BAND 4. Tokyo Kenbutsu / TADAHARU NAKANO & COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM BOYS 5. Tsuki ni Odoru / AKIKO FUTABA COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM SISTERS 6. Yume miru Kokoro / RIKKEY MIYAGAWA 7. Yamadera no Osho-san / COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM BOYS 8. Banjor de Utaeba / TADAHARU NAKANO 9. Jazz Rokyoku / COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM BOYS 10. Ahodara Shinkyo / COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM SISTERS 11. Oedo Nihonbashi / COLUMBIA NAKANO RHYTHM BOYS 12. Kotori-uri no Uta / AKIRA MATSUDAIRA 13. Rappa to Musume / SHIZUKO KASAGI 14. Roppa Minami e Yuku / Roppa 15. Tokyo Boogie Woogie / SHIZUKO KASAGI 16. Hey Hey Boogie / SHIZUKO KASAGI 17. Shamisen Boogie Woogie / ICHIMARU 18. Kaimono Boogie / SHIZUKO KASAGI 19. Modern Konjiki Yasha / SHIZUKO KASAGI, SHUNJI SAKAI 20. Kuroda Boogie / SHIZUKO KASAGI 21. Blue to Pink no Shinkon Ryoko / HIROSHI ASHINO, MIYOKO HOSHINO 22. Ore wa Highteen / ICHIRO KOBE HATTORI RHYTHM SISTERS 23. Tokyo Bebe / SONOMI NAKAJIMA FOUR LADS 24. All Man Rebup / SHIZUKO KASAGI