Spring is Nearly Here (Haru ga Ippai) (Cardboard Sleeve)

Spring is Nearly Here (Haru ga Ippai) (Cardboard Sleeve)

Product Description

Originally released in 1981. Kenji Omura was a regular guest guitarist for YMO. On this album, Yukihiro Takahashi plays drums, Hosono plays bass on all tracks, and Ryuichi Sakamoto on seven tracks. Akiko Yano is on two tracks and Hideki Matsutake is the programmer. Chris Mosdel writes lyrics, Takahashi wrote two songs, with arrangements by Omura and Takahashi. More rock than YMO but with some technopop moments such as the Sakamoto co-composed Seiko is Always on Time. A bit of a lost YMO heavy influence gem. Omura died in 1998.

1. Intensive Love Course
2. Under Heavy Hands and Hammers
3. Seiko is Always on Time
4. Far East Man
5. Knife Life
6. Spring is Nearly Here
7. The Defector
8. Inaudible
9. Maps
10. The Prince of Shaba