Haru Baru

Haru Baru

Product Description

Third album from the duo of taiko player Tetsuro Naito and shinobue flute player Tomoko Takeda. Tetsuro Naito spent 12 years as one of the leading players with the world's leading taiko group, Kodo. As well performing on many albums he was also director of the acclaimed Earth Celebration festival held annually on Sado island collaborating with artists from around the world. Tomoko Takeda studied taiko and shinobue flute from an early age, developing an interest in rakugo (story telling) kabuki and noh. Together they play an updated version of Edo Bayashi, hundreds of year old festival music from the Tokyo area. They add western elements and flavours and other world influences to create a dynamic sound, inherently Japanese, with a modern twist. Guests musicians play accordion, bass and sax.
1. Hanamichi 2. Taiyofu 3. Unzen Ondo 4. Renge no Gotoku 5. Aran no Oka 6. Harukage 7. Haru Baru 8. Yugure Toki 9. Picnic

17th June 2015, Japanese duo Tomoro live in the studio by Far Side Radio on Mixcloud