Happy Ending (Limited Edition, 2 CDs)

Happy Ending (Limited Edition, 2 CDs)

Product Description

Eiichi Ohtaki was a member of the group Happy End who recorded their first album in 1970. To celebrate the 50th annivesary, ths is an album of 11 original songs from the mid 1990s, written mainly for TV dramas and released for the first time. Ohtaki (1948-2013) was a legendary musician, songwriter and record producer, with a legacy that continues to this day. This edition comes with a limited edition extra CD of Niagara TV Special Vol.1.
1. Niagara Dreaming
2. Shiawase Na Ketsumatsu (Album version)
3. Niagara Bojo
4, Koi Suru Futari (Album version)
5. Istanbul Mambo
6. Happy End de Hajimeyo (Bacharach Version)
7. Glass no Irie
8. Dream Boy
9. Dance ga Owaru Mae ni
10. So Long
11. Happy Ending

Niagara TV Special Vol.1
1. Kimi wa Tennen Shoku
2. Koi Suru Karen
3. Koi Suru Futari
4. Koi Suru Futari
5. Istanbul Mambo
6. Koi Suru Futari
7. Shiawase Na Ketsumatsu
8. Shiawase Na Ketsumatsu
9. Niagara Bojo
10. Happy End de Hajimeyou
11. Multiscope Theme
12. Koi no Knuckle Ball