Hannyu no Utamai

Hannyu no Utamai

Product Description

Toshiharu Togi was born in 1929 into the family that's inherited gagaku for over a thousand years and was the former head of the Imperial Household Gagaku (court music) Department. This is a live DVD of a performance in Tokyo in 2010 by artists from the Gagaku Doyukai, the organisation who train gagaku performers and leaders founded by Hironori Sono (1926-1998) who was also born into a gagaku playing music family with a long history and tradition. Toshiharu Togi playes koto and performs several ancient dances, including Saishoro a dance which was revitalized by Togi in 2007. This DVD includes footage of the rehearsal as well. With the large orchestra and elegant beauty, this is the ultimate performance of gagaku. 102 minutes, comes with a booklet of performance photos and notes about each song. NTSC Region Code 2.
1. Saibara - Ise no Umi 2. Kangen Bugaku - Seigaiha 3. Bugaku - Kitoku 4. Bugaku - Saishoro 5. Choukeishi