HAS / YMO (x2 DVDs)

HAS / YMO (x2 DVDs)

Product Description

HASYMO (Human Audio Sponge Yellow Magic Orchestra) is the melding of these two projects featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi. This DVD is of live footage from a charity concert held on 19th May 2007 at Pacifico Yokohama. The trio played both old YMO classics and new tunes. Comes with NHK TV footage about the live concert. 1. Inshin Denshin (YMO) 2. Sportman (Haruomi Hosono / Philharmony) 3. Fly Me To The River (Sketch Show / Loophole) 4. Mars (Sketch Show / Loophole) 5. Flakes (Sketch Show / Loophole), 6. Everybody Had a Hard Year (Marz cover) 7. Riot in Lagos (Ryuichi Sakamoto / B-2 Unit) 8. Ongaku (YMO / Uwaki na Bokura) 9. Rescue / HASYMO 10. Turn Turn (Sketch Show / Audio Sponge) 11. Supreme Secret (Sketch Show / Audio Sponge) 12. Wonderful To Me (Sketch Show / Audio Sponge) 13. War & Peace (Ryuichi Sakamoto / Chasm) 14. Rydeen 79/07 (YMO / Solid State Survivor) plus anchor :15. Chrono Graph (Sketch Show / Loophole) 16. Ekot (Sketch Show / Loophole) 17. Cue (YMO / BGM) (encore)