Grand Espoir (x2 Blu Spec CD2)

Grand Espoir (x2 Blu Spec CD2)

Product Description

Compilation and mastering by Yoshinori Sunahara, that focuses on Yukihiro Takahashi's early 80s works. Takahashi's career stretches back nearly 50 years to the Sadistic Mika Band in 1972, as a drummer, singer, composer and producer. In the early 1980s he established his identity as a solo artist, after gaining fame as a member of YMO. The albums that these tracks are taken from include Murdered by the Music, released in 1980, that featured Hosono, Sakamoto as well as Sandii, Sheena and Matsutake, and was sung entirely in English. Neuromantic from 1981 also featured Hosono and Sakamoto, alongside Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay of Roxy Music. What? Me Worry? once again features Hosono and Sakamoto, but only on one track, alongside Bill Nelson. Tomorrow's Just Another Day came out in 1983, while Wild and Moody is from 1984 and features Bill Nelson. CD2 features tracks from other artists produced by Takahashi and released during the same time period. Art direction by Towa Tei, jacket artwork by Tomoo Gokita.

1. School Of Thought (Murdered by the Music) 1980
2. Numbers From A Calculated Conversation (Murdered by the Music) 1980
3. Connection (Neuromantic) 1981
4. Grand Espoir (Neuromantic) 1981
5. Drip Dry Eyes (Neuromantic) 1981
6. Curtains (Neuromantic) 1981
7. Sayonara (What, Me Worry?) 1982
8. My Bright Tomorrow (Tomorrow's Just Another Day) 1983
9. Are You Receiving Me? (Remix) (Tomorrow's Just Another Day) 1983
10. And I Believe In You (Are You Receiving Me?) (Single) 1983
11. Good Time (Tomorrow's Just Another Day)1983
12. Stranger Things Have Happened (Wild & Moody) 1984
13. Kill That Thermostat (Wild & Moody) 1984
14. Walking To The Beat (Wild & Moody) 1984
15. Poisson D'Avril (Single) 1985

1. Quatre / Rajie (Single)1979
2. Radio Junk/ Sheena & The Rokkets (Shinku Pack) 1979
3. Drip Dry Eyes/ Sandii (Eating Pleasure)1980
4. Baby Maybe/ Sheena & The Rokkets (Single) 1980
5. Radio to Futari / Rajie (Single) 1980
6. Last Pretender/ Pink Lady (Single) 1981
7. Maps/ Kenji Omura (Haru ga Ippai) 1981
8. Koi Seyo Otome / Susan (Single) 1981
9. I Only Come Out At Night/ Susan 1981
10. Samarkand Boulevard / Susan (Single) 1982
11. Illusion / Sandii & The Sunsetz (Immigrants) 1982
12. Channel No. 5 On the Rock / Sheena 1982
13. Bikkuri Party Theme / Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi (Otoban Bikkuri House Ultra Psychedelic Surprise Party) 1982
14. Door o Akereba / Yukihiro Takahashi (We Wish You A Merry Christmas/V.A.) 1983
15. Oh Le Beaux Japonais! (Original Karaoke Version)/S.E.T. (Yen Box Vol.1 Bonus Disc/V.A.) 1996
16. Cho o Chigitta Shojo / Narumi Yasuda 1984
17. Kyo, Koi ga / Yukihiro Takahashi (Shinu no wa Iyada, Kowai. Senso Hantai! / Snakeman Show 1981