Golden Best Shang Shang Typhoon

Golden Best Shang Shang Typhoon

Product Description

When Shang Shang Typhoon emerged at the end of the 1980s, their music sounded fresh and exciting. World music as a genre had recently taken off, and SST seemed to encapsulate what Japanese 'world music' might be. With Okinawan and Latin influences, they played essentially Japanese style kayokyoku pop with two slightly squeaky female singers, in some ways evoking the golden age of 50s pop in Japan. Their first several albums were released by Epic Sony, when the majors were actually supporting Japanese 'roots' music, but most of these albums were gradually deleted. Fortunately, Sony have decided to release a best of album, and twenty years later SST still sound fresh and exciting.
1. Nagare no Mamani 2. Hotoke no Kao mo It's All Right 3. Ai yori Aoi Umi 4. Let It Be 5. Hana no Yoni Tori no Yoni 6. Sanma no Uta 7. Itsudemo Dareka ga 8. Gin no Koto no Ito no Yoni 9. Ai ga Arukara Daijobu 10. Mamotte ageru 11.Asia no Kono Machi de 12. My Girl 13. Tori no Uta 14. Ave Maria 15. Atarashii Hibi - A New Day 16. Tsubasa ga Hoshii 17. Moshimo Jiisan ni Nattara