Gleaming Crayon

Gleaming Crayon

Product Description

Thirty Third album from the poet, singer, artist, bicycle race commentator, essayist, actor, drinker, gambler also known as the 'screaming philosopher'. Japanese vagabond poet. Born in 1950, Tomokawa was inspired by Bob Dylan and others and in the early 1970s was part of the folk boom in Japan, setting his poems to music. He has gone on to have a varied career as an actor, artist among other things. He was the subject of a film by French filmaker Vincent Moon which won several awards. This album features musicians from the groups Pascals on drums, percussion, cello, accordion, piano, alto saxophone adding a different dimension.
1. Gleaming Crayon 2. Tobu Tame no Sora 3. Yuraku 4. Shinda Otoko Ni 5. Yume no Ban'nin 6. Daen no Hitsugi Arakaruto 7. Kakumei no Asa 8. Tsutsuji 9. Tokoku no Kiki 10. Omowaku no Dorei 11. San Oni no Nodobue

You can watch a short trailer of the recording of this album as well as a trailer for the film potrait by clicking on 'watch'.