Geomungo Solo - Seven Perspectives

Geomungo Solo - Seven Perspectives

Product Description

Wonderful album by geomungo player, a six stringed bass zither that is played with a short bamboo rod. Heo Yoon-Jeong is a well known exponent of the instrument in Korea and around the world, crossing the border between contemporary and traditional and creating a variety of sounds and moods from slow contemplative, eerie pieces to faster, frantic, challenging solos. Listen to samples of all tracks.
1. The Recitation of Pleasure in Zen I (5:39) 2. The Recitation of Pleasure in Zen II (2:11) 3. The Recitation of Pleasure in Zen III (1:53) 4. The Recitation of Pleasure in Zen IV (2:47) 5. Underplot I (3:13) 6. Underplot II (5:57) 7. Scattered Melody in Baeeumjo I (4:28) 8. Scattered Melody in Baeeumjo II (4:29) 9. Scattered Melody in Baeeumjo III (2:45) 10. Classic (5:27) 11. Three Stories from the Big Tree (8:55) 12. Geomungo Dance I (3:53) 13. Geomungo Dance II (4:38) 14. Geomungo Dance III (3:49) 15. Desk is Desk (7:02)

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