Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection

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Latest album by the acoustic unit featuring Kenichiro Isoda, (who is a 'sound designer' for Sega computer games) and Shoji Oshiro (on soprano and alto saxophones) Their last album 'Acoustic YMO' became a cult hit in Japan and this is a much awaited follow up. The album has two different 'sides' on a single CD. Side A is of bossa nova, reggae, pychedelic rock and Okinawan music featuring three singers and side B has instrumental songs with flavours of tango, jazz, world and classical music.
Side A
1. Steps (vocal - Miho Kimura) 2. Tenderness/Window (vocal - Miho Kimura) 3. Beating The Grey Wall 4. Desert Song (vocal - Mie Sonozaki) 5. The Grey Wall (vocal - Lolly Cook) 6. Yonu Hane (vocal/sanshin - Morinaga Kinjo)
Side B
7. Dace 1 8. Tango 1 -Milonga de Jugut - 9. Dance 2 10. Tango 2 -Tiempo Anterior- 11. Dance 3 12. Tango 3 -Tiempo Anterior- 13. A Dance from a Film 14. Serenade