Gambang Kromong Betawi

Gambang Kromong Betawi

Product Description

Gambang Kromong is the Chinese originated Indonesian music born in the suburbs of Jakarta. It is also one of Indonesia's most vivid and off the wall musical styles. The music's name comes from the instruments, the gambang (xylophone) and the kromong (gong) played together with various flutes, and rebab (violin). It has a decidely funky rhythm but perhaps the most distinctive feature is the semi-rapped, hard vocal delivery of the men, while the women wail with their typical finesse. This is one of the best gambang kromong CDs around featuring singers such as Djumala, Sam Sukendar, Tety S. and Andy R. Highly recommended. 1. Djumala - Mamat Anak Betawi 2. Sam Sukendar - Minta Duit 3. Tetty S - Gambang Kombinasi 4. Tetty S & Djuamala - Lampu Merah I 5. Sam Sukendar - Serendo Rendo 6. Tety S. & Sam Sukendar 7. Tety S & Djumala - Bini Tua 8. Tety S - Iris Ketimun 9. Djumala - Kompor Meleduk 10. Tety S. & Djumala - Gara Gara Anak 11. Andi R. - Ondel Ondel 12. Andi R. & Tety S. - Kembang Jato 13. Nimi Yarsih - Sayur Asem 14. Andi R. - Ridhon 15. Andi R. & Nimi Yarsih & Andinj - Jali Jali.