Gajin Hoesang: Traditional Korean Court Music

Gajin Hoesang: Traditional Korean Court Music

Product Description

Jeongnong Akhoe ensemble was founded in December 1976 for the preservation and transmission of Jeong-ak (classical music)- Akhoe means ensemble, nong means cultivate and jeong the 'right' music. The members are considered to be among the best musicians in Korea, and together the leading ensemble perfoming Korean classical music in an authentic form. Gajin Hoesang is one of four orchestral suites derived from Yeongsan Hoesang, literally meaning 'congregation at the spiritual mountain' a kind of combination of the austere atmosphere of court music and meditative Buddhist music. The three pieces on this CD are also the most popular repertoire of pungryu music, originally enjoyed by 18th century literati. The music begins with a solemn and extremely slow tempo, gradually becoming livelier. You can listen to samples of all tracks.
1. Yeongsan Hoesang - Sangyeongsan (16:34) 2. Yeongsan Hoesang - Jungyeongsan (11:59) 3. Yeongsan Hoesang - Seyeongsan (4:04) 4. Yeongsan Hoesang - Garak Duri (2:37) 5. Yeongsan Hoesang - Sanghyeon Doduri (3:51) 6. Doduri (6:02) 7. Yeongsan Hoesang - Doljang (2:00) 8. Yeongsan Hoesang - Hahyeon Doduri (3:00) 9. Yeongsan Hoesang - Yeombul Doduri(3:53) 10. Yeongsan Hoesang - Taryeong (3:07) 11. Yeongsan Hoesang - Gunak (3:55) 12. Cheonnyeon Manse - Gyemyeon Garak Doduri (3:09) 13. Cheonnyeon Manse - Yangjeong Doduri (2:24) 14. Cheonnyeon Manse - Ujo Garak Doduri (2:45)