Product Description

Inka Mbing is from the Tayal ethnic group, one of Taiwan's major aboriginal tribes. After a major earthquake struck Taiwan in 1999, she formed a musical collective and recorded a live album to raise money for reconstruction of the Tayal mountain communities devastated by the earthquake. She began more to explore her Fayal roots, learning from the elders of her people. She discovered a variety of folk songs, which she developed in her own style. She has rearranged them, sometimes sings her own lyrics over traditional melodies, and sometimes sings traditional lyrics over her own melodies. On this superb album she is joined by a diverse group of musicians, including cellist Chen Chu-hui, wind instrumentalist Sangpuy Katatepan, plus Japanese guitarist Ken Ohtake (who has played with Takashi Hirayasu) and Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotham. Gaga is a sophisticated blend of musical styles, rooted in the Tayal traditional, with Inka Mbing's powerful vocals the most impressive sound of all. Comes in book size digipack with English liner notes.
1. Linnigisan na rgyax 2. Qwas mtglaw 3. qalang na kayal 4. Qwas plahang gong 5. Hongu Utax 6. Rangi na Tayal 7. Aki hmsw'a 8. Sinramat na rimuy 9. Linnglung ngasal mu 10. Soki na yutas 11. Ga-ga 12. Minkahul hngyaa'n na Papakwaqa