Futuristic Handiwork (2 CDs)

Futuristic Handiwork (2 CDs)
LAKILAKI was maho + thaidisco

Product Description

'Oriental Space Dance' from Lakilaki - previously known as Maho + Thai Disco. Back in 2002 Maho came across the fertile Thaidisco scene, full of Asian flavours missing from Japanese club music. On her latest album and first under the name Lakilaki she combines Thaidisco, with tropical, Japanese and other oriental sounds.
CD1. 1. Where was Future? 2. Another Jipsy Never End 3. Festival Sprash 4. Seven Shaped Light 5. Pl Hanabi Rmx 6. New Happy Year 7. Yopop 8. Your Town's Way 9. Laonm 10. Nordf Lgef 11. Samrap Fan Dii 12. Anakaan Float Yoru
CD2. 1. In the Mirrorballic Light 2. Futuristic Handiwork (DJ Mix) 3. E Was Chandrama 4. Next Vibgyor Stage