Futura Ancient Harmony

Futura Ancient Harmony

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Japan has long held a love affair with Celtic music and this trio have become probably Japan's biggest Celtic export. Leader and harmonica player Yoshito Kiyono is based in Paris and calls their music 'Celtic Blues'. He is joined by Aiko Obuchi on fiddle and Koji Nagao on guitar. Harmonica Creams won first prize at the 2012 Ortiguerira Festival of Celtic World, the first time for a band from outside the Celtic region. This is their fourth album and features several guests including Brian Finnegan of Flook on tin whistle, Calum Stewart on Uilleann pipes, and accordion player Xabi Aburruzaga from Spain where the album was recorded.
1. Axis Mundi 2. Saint Sebastien 3. Ten days ten months 4. Garage de Rome 5. Kaprekar # 6174 6. Asturias Wind 7. Dance of Quadra 8. Arriba 9. Time Thief 10. My Song 11. Freesia