Fushigi Shojo (+7) (Cardboard Sleeve) (Blu-spec CD2)

Fushigi Shojo (+7) (Cardboard Sleeve) (Blu-spec CD2)

Product Description

Originally released in 1982, 2017 remastering of album by Chiemi Manabe, described as the 'original techno idol'. Includes 2 bonus tracks, plus 5 instrumentals and original stickers. Chiemi was originally a member of an idol trio called Pansy, before making this, her only album. Not successful at the time, it has nevertheless become a bit of a cult classic mainly for its stellar list of collaborators and musicians. Haruomi Hosono was the supervisor, and sound producer was Nobuyuki Shimizu, a well known keyboardist and composer. Lyrics and music were by including four Hosono compositions, Taeko Onuki, Kazuhiko Kato, Kenji Omura, Akiko Yano and EPO. Many of these played on the record too, with programming by Hideki Matsutake. This mini-LP style CD has faithfully reproduced the original artwork and lyrics from the vinyl release with added commentary.

1. Fushigi Shojo 2. Koi no Seaside Party 3. Fushigi na C-U-L-T 4. Romancist 5. Nerawareta Shoujo 6. Romantic Shimashou 7. Kare wo Kaeshite 8. Untotooku 9. Heart ga Pippi 10. Good by-Good by 11. Aoi Kaki 12. Night Train - Bishojo 13. Fushigi Shojo (instrumental) 14. Romancist (instrumental) 15. Nerawareta Shoujo (instrumental) 16. Untotooku (instrumental) 17. Aoi Kaki (instrumental)

Credits- Supervisor, Haruomi Hosono Sound Producer, Nobuyuki Shimizu Drums, Shuichi Murakami, Tatsuo Hayashi Electric Bass, Kenji Takamizu, Nobuyuki Shimizu Electric Guitar, Kenji Omura, Kazuhiko Kato, Nobuyuki Shimizu Acoustic Guitar, Kenji Omura Glocken, Nobuyuki Shimizu Percussion, Kazuhiko Kato, Nobuyuki Shimizu Sax, Tetsu Nakamura All Keyboards, Nobuyuki Shimizu. Chorus, EPO, Taeko Onuki, Kazuhiko Kato

Equipment: E-µ Synthesizer, Sequencial Circuit Prophet-5, Roland MC-4, Roland Computer Rhythm, LMD-649 Sound Memory, Pollard Syndrum, LINN LM1, EMURATOR, JUPITER-8

Effectors: Eventid Harmonizer, Roland Digital Delay SDE-2000, Roland Stereo Flanger SBF-325, Moog 10 Band Equalizer, Yamaha Analog Delay E-1010, MXR Stereo Chorus, MXR Noise Gate, IME Tube Driver