Fue Shakai

Fue Shakai

Product Description

Latest album from the Kuricorder Quartet who play various recorders ranging from high to low featuring the wonderful Takero Sekijima (Cicala Mvta and others) and Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi (Cicala Mvta). Accompanied by mellophone, percussion, guitar, tuba and trumpet, 10 entertaining, highly original tracks. The group have become a cult hit on the London radio station LBC, with their presenter Iain Lee. This CD features the video clip that Iain loves so much Ojisan no Juikagetsu, as well as the actual music track that you listen to as a sound sample.
1. Bernina Express Diner 2. Grandpa`s Eleven Month 3. Up On A Moon Hill 4. Country March 5. Gokinjo Sekai-isshu 6. Les Glaneuses 7. Hotel La Salle 1986 8. Botanical Garden.3am 9. The Expopipe 10. Sierpinski Carpet 11. On The Way Home 12. An Old Rocking Chair 13. CD Exrra Video Clip- Grandpa's Eleven Month