Friend or FOE? (SHM-CD)

Friend or FOE? (SHM-CD)

Product Description

Two 12 inches and tracks from the album Sex, Energy and Star. First four tracks were on Friend or FOE? came out in 1985, with two versions of songs of S-F-X, and two new tracks. Next four tracks were on Decline of OTT released in 1986 with guests including Sandii, Makoto Kubota and Miharu Koshi. Last four tracks were on Sex, Energy and Star released in 1986 with guests James Brown, Maceo Parker and Anton Fier. Remastered in 2001 by Soichiro Suzuki.
1. World Famous Techno Pop 2. Return of Body Snatchers (Exterminated Mix) 3. Strange Love (Fonk Version) 4. OTT Manifest (OTT Mix) 5. Dance Hall 6. Agricult 7. Lunar Gloom 8. Decline of the City 9. Sex Machine 10. Right Place Wrong Time 11. In My Jungle 12. Don't Want to Loose My Soul