Product Description

Ren Takada is a stringed instrument player, producer and composer. The son of one of Japan's greatest folk musicians, Wataru Takada, as well as recording albums in his own name, he's an in demand session player. He's been a member of Haruomi Hosono's live band since 2005, played with YMO (2007-2012), has collaborated with Yukihiro Takahashi on a variety of projects, including solo and with The Beatniks and Pupa, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many others. This is his long awaited seventh album, and features eight new songs and two covers of Happy End (Haikara Hakuchi) and Haruomi Hosono (Saigonorakuen). The sound has been described as a mix of 'dark roots and bright city pop.' The other musicians include the other current Hosono band members and collaborators, drummer Daichi Itoh, bassist Wataru Iga, Takuji Nomura on keyboards, pianist Tetsuya Hataya and U-zhaan on tabla.
1. Fresh 2. Nemotional Rescue 3. Rock 'n' Roll Future 4. Monochrome Girl 5. Soleil 6. Saigo No Rakuen 7. Hello Fujiyama 8. Haikara Hakuchi 9. Cellophane 10. More Fresh 11. Games 12. Nana 13. Opus One