Fragile Beauty

Fragile Beauty

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Fourth album by Vietnamese long term Paris resident and singer Huong Thanh and Parisian born guitarist Nguyen Le. Nguyen Le receives co-billing for the first time as the artist, as producer, engineer, mixer, arranger of the traditional tunes, co-composer of the others as well as playing guitars, synthesizers and adding other layers of sounds. Le uses the fantastic voice of Huong Thanh almost like another instrument as she soars, glides and hovers around Vietnamese traditional melodies surrounded by a mélange of jazz and world influences. As on previous albums, the jazz elements are provided by Dominique Borker's piano, Paolo Frescu's trumpet and the double bass of Renaud Garcia-Fons. What differentiates this album from previous is the array of string and percussion instruments from around the world. Aside to the Vietnamese dan bao (monochord) and dan tranh (zither) is the Japanese koto performed by Mieko Miyazaki. Miyazaki is featured on most tracks some in superb duos with Le on electric guitar. Balafons, various shakers and congas add African rhythms, which expertly connect with Asian melodies on a beautifully crafted album. 1. Drifting On The Water 2. Weaving & Awaiting 3. Faithfulness 4. Plantation Song 5. The Five Calls Of The Night 6. Fragile Beauty 7. Rowing The Sampan 8. The Pavilion Of Cristallized Azure 9. At Dusk, From The West Balcony 10. Go Cong Blues 11. The Swallows' Bridge 12. Tales Of The Mountain