Folk Songs of Vietnam (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Folk Songs of Vietnam (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Product Description

Originally released in 1968. Songs from all over Vietnam, that differ quite considerably. Pham Duy was one of the most revered singers at the time, and he is joined by three young singers Phuong Oanh, Pham Thuy Hoan and Quynh Hanh, from the north, centre and south respectively. As always with these Folkways recordings its fascinating to hear the folk song being performed in a different era.
A Custom CD is a high-quality CD-R which is produced at Smithsonian Folkways. A Custom CD is a mixed mode disc (also known as an Enhanced CD/CD Extra/CD Plus). A mixed mode disc contains both audio (for CD audio players) and data (readable on other devices, like PCs). Custom titles are sold with a digital copy of the album's original liner notes (as a .PDF file) on the CD.
1. Hat Hoi 2. Hai Hoa 3. Do Dua 4. Ly Tinh-Tang Pham Duy 5. Ly Tinh-Tang 6. Ho Mai Nghi 7. Ho Lo 8. Ly Con Sao 9. Ly Che Huong 10. Ly Chim Quyen 11. Song of the Heroes 12. The Wounded Soldier 13. Poem of a Buddhist Monk 14. Mother of the South 15. Why Be So Sad? 16.The Rain on the Leaves