Flower Duet- Li Wen Performs Classic Huangmei Opera Arias

Flower Duet- Li Wen Performs Classic Huangmei Opera Arias

Product Description

Originating on the borders of Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces, Huangmei opera absobed elements from rural folk singing styles, eventually evolving after about a hundred years into its own art form. Today it is one of the five major types of Chinese opera, sung in the local Anqing dialect. Huangmei opera singer Li Wen is a veteran singer on a selection of some of the most famous Huangmei repertoire. Hardback book style packaging and extensive liner notes in English.

1. The Tree Spirit Speaks
2. Sharing Life Stories
3. The Unexpected Imperial Exam Winner
4. My Name is Feng Suzhen
5. Too Busy to Ask Your Name
6. Autumn in the Han Palace
7. Husband and Wife Viewing the Lanterns
8. The Silk Weaving Is Finished Her Work
9. The Fairy Princess Is With Child
10. Flirting with Miss Phoenix
11. Gazing at the Water Chestnuts
12. Love Song
13. The Beauty of Youth
14. Flower Duet
15. There’s More Happiness in the Human World