Flipper's Players

Flipper's Players

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Tribute album to Flipper's Guitar classic album from 1989 Three Cheers for Our Side - Umie e Ikutsumori ja Nakatta, by rather extraordinarily, Thai musicians who record for the indie label Smallroom. Flipper's Guitar, Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) and Kenji Ozawa, were pioneers of the Shibuya-kei scene of the 1990s. That influence spread to Bangkok, and has been an inspiration for the current burgeoning indie scene there. Those artists have got together to form a kind of supergroup to pay homage to this Japanese classic. Smallroom was started in 1999 by some music lovers, and has since been a pioneering label in Thailand.
1. Hello -yuri's nominee 2. 1.Hello / yuri's nominee 2.Boys Fire the Tricot / fono 3.Joyride / lemon soup 4.Coffee-milk Crazy / cyndi seui 5.My Red Shoes Story / tattoo colour 6.Exotic Lollipop(and other red roses) / penguin villa 7.Happy Like a Honeybee / 15th scenery 8.Samba Parade / onofon 9.Sending to your Heart / gramaphone children 10.Goodbye,our Pastels Badges / ball jaruluk 11.The Chime will Ring / the richman toy 12.Coffee-milk Crazy / superbaker