Fishmans (Special Box x2 Blu-ray Discs) (With English subtitles) (Limited Edition)

Fishmans (Special Box  x2 Blu-ray Discs) (With English subtitles)  (Limited Edition)

Product Description

Fishmans, the movie, became an unexpected big hit in Japan when it was released at cinemas nationwide in summer 2021. It follows the story of the band Fishmans. Acclaimed at home and abroad, their journey was anything but smooth. Dropped by record companies, low sales, members leaving the band and the sudden death of vocalist Shinji Sato. In the spring of 2019, 20 years after Sato's death, the band's leader, Kenichi Motegi called former band members to get back together to perform live. Fishmans members, plus artists including Ikuko Harada (Clammbon), Hanaregumi, UA, Yok-King (Magokoro Brothers), Kazufumi Kodama (Mute Beat) and others talk about the band's history from their beginnings to the present and what the music represents, their influence and lasting legacy. Includes lots of rare footage. This special edition features the movie, 172 minutes, with English subtitles, plus special footage (no subtitles) on Disc 1. Disc 2 is of Tokon 2019 Live (no subtitles) and documentary Tokon:Fishmans (with English subitles). Plus replica sticker that came with the first album, Chappie Don't Cry.