Fenice - Dance of Sinners

Fenice - Dance of Sinners

Product Description

Korean popular music and drama has become extraordinarly popular in Japan in recent years. Maybe the same thing is about to happen now to traditional music, as this album is getting quite a promitional push. Yun He Gyong and Ha Myong Su are players of the haegum, the two stringed spiked fiddle, similar to the Chinese erhu, the Japanese kokyu or the Vietnamese dan ni. The haegum is very difficult to play, the musician sitting on the floor, the resonator supported by the right foot curled upwards in front of the left knee. Both musicians play the smaller so haegum on this CD of instrumental traditional and modern compositions. 8 tracks.

1. Asian Paradise 2. La Noir 3. Suna No Bara -Desert 4. Kanashimi No Ita Machi 5. Nofu No Daichi 6. Kohyan 7. Tsuki No Dress 8. Ao No Inori