Fascination and Reverence Vol. 175

Fascination and Reverence Vol. 175

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One of the two popular music groups in North Korea founded in the 1980s, Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble take their name from the Battle of Pochonbo in 1937, when a guerilla unit under Kim Il-Sung attacked the Japanese occupiers. They have released over 150 albums on the state body that issues recordings. Synthesizers and electric guitars, with some of the vocals by singer Hyon Song-wol. Hyon Song-wol disappeared from the music scene in 2006, is rumoured to be in a relationship with the current leader Kim Jong-un, and is married to a North Korean army officer. She made a comeback in 2012, and has been misidentified in footage showing a woman with Kim Jong-un.
1. Fascination and Reverence 2. February Is Beautiful 3. Hyon Song Wol / The Mountain Where Spring Begins 4. U Sun Hui, Kim Song Sim, Jong Il Peak / Is the First shore of Happiness 5. Our Father 6. Kim Kwang Suk / The General Longs for the People; the People Wait for Him 6. General Star 7. Hyon Song Wol / Bright Moon over My Country 8. Are You Going to the Front Again? 9. To Appear in One Place and Then Suddenly Appear in Another Like a Flash of Lightning Is a Guerrilla Style 10. Yun Hye Yong / This Is Offensive 11. Jon Hye Yong /General, Don't Walk along the Snowy Path 12. Thunder over Jong Il Peak 13. Yun Hye Yong / Song of Love for the People 14. Comrades, Let's Sing His Affection 15. The Party Is the General's Embrace