Product Description

Esantronics is described by the makers as hybrid music style equally composed of traditional and contemporary music originating in the Northeast region of Thailand, also known as Esan, and electronic sounds and music genres originating in Western cultures. This is the first album by Dutch-Thai group Apichat Pakwan.

The creation of the album started with a passion for and interest in the music of Laos & Esan by Dutch composer/producer Olivier Schreuder. While studying this music in the city of Khon Kaen in the region of Esan in Northeast-Thailand he met a group of young and very talented musicians with whom he started playing and recording a mix of the traditional music with local instruments like the kaen (a mouthorgan), phin (stringinstrument), pi phu thai (flute), a wide range of percusssion and analog and digital electronics. All on a bassheavy foundation of dubbed-out hiphop beats that evolved to a new music they call themselves ‘esantronics’.

1. An introduction to Apichat Pakwan 01:07
2. Lam Toey Pasom 05:18
3. Another Fish 04:40
4. Salawan (Vocal) 03:09
5. Sung Khew Khao 03:19
6. Thai Puan (Vocal) 04:50
7. Baksida (Version) 02:56
8. Kroi Tra 03:32
9. Phu Thai Kalasin 03:37
10. Leh
11. Hongthong (Version) 04:36
12. Renu Phu Thai Dub 03:27
13. Kid Hod Ban 05:10
14. Lam Plern Khok Kha Khao 06:40
15. 808 Heartbreak 04:33
16. Sung Bang Fai 03:29
17. Leh (Dub)
18. Salawan (Trippin Jaguar Remix)