Empire of Jazz (2 CDs) (Nippon Modern Times Series)

Empire of Jazz (2 CDs)  (Nippon Modern Times Series)

Product Description

Known as the 'Empire of Jazz', Dick Mine was one of the biggest stars of his day. Born as Tokuichi Mine, he translated the words of the song Dinah into Japanese himself, which became his first hit single. Dinah is featured with other 'urban' classics released mostly during the war. All 35 tracks are released onto CD for the first time, and include rarities such as 'White Heat' and 'Romantic'.
CD 1
1. Dinah 2. St. Louis Blues 3. White Heat 4. Romantic 5. Just An Echo In The Valley 6. My Blue Heaven 7. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain`t Got That Swing 8. Somebody Stole My Gal 9. The Clouds Will Soon Roll By 10. That`s You Baby 11. Smoke Rings 12. All Man River 13. Ida Sweet As Apple Cider 14. The Music Goes Round And Around 15. Moon At Sea 16. Smiling Irish Eyes 17. Under The Apple Trees 18. Someday Loves You 19. I Went To Hilo 20. Drifting And Dreaming 21. Don't Sing Aloha When I Go 22. To You Sweet Heart Aloha 23. Hula Breeze 24. Blue Kentucky Moon

CD 2
1. Shanghai Lil 2. Cheek To Cheek 3. There'll Be No South 4. Nur Eine Stunde 5. Balalaika 6. Marta 7. La Cucaracha 8. Tais Toi Mon Coeur 9. J'ai Deux Amours 10. A Paris Dans Chaque Faubourg 11. A Media Luz 12. Tango Notturno 13. Shanghai Blues 14. Asia Blues 15. Aru Ame No Gogo 16. Aoi Sora Boku No Sora 17. Oshidori Uta Gassen 18. Eki Basha Ha Yurete Iku 19. Sado Blues 20. Swing Tokyo 21. Oshare Kinmotsu 22. Akikaze No Machi 23. Dark Eyes 24. Ich Kusse Ihre Hand Madame (I Kiss Your Hand Madame)