Emerging Lotus - Chinese Traditional Guzheng Music

Emerging Lotus - Chinese Traditional Guzheng Music

Product Description

The Guzheng (pronounced "Goo-Jeng") is a plucked zither, related to the Japanese koto, Vietnamese dan tranh and the Korean kayagum. It is one of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments dating back to at least the Qin dynasty (about 220 BC). The guzheng is made of a wooden sound body with strings arched across movable bridges and usually has between 21-25 strings.The guzheng has been a popular instrument since ancient times and is considered as one of the main chamber as well as solo instruments of Chinese traditional music. Liu Fang, already established as one of the world's leading pipa players, has recorded her first album of solo guzheng music. The twelve tracks are traditional pieces for guzheng and folk melodies from various areas of China. Beautifully recorded, fantastically played, the guzheng has long been a part of Liu Fang's live performances. Now at last her exquisite playing can be enjoyed on a CD of pure quality.